Science moves you

Science moves all of us because it lets us share our passion and our aspirations for the future of this planet.
Science moves us from the present to a better future in health, transportation, climate change and so much more.
Science moves us across continents and countries to connect with people, information and environments.
Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, strategy and the arts. She is also the mascot of TU Darmstadt.
Mostly cast in stone, she cannot wait to come alive and change the world’s path once again. Technology makes that possible. Technology makes her move.
Let’s connect history and future, people and technology, science and fun.
Make Athena dance and win a flight to Frankfurt, Germany!

Under the German American Year of Friendship #WunderbarTogether, TU Darmstadt will be touring the US with its “Science moves you” Tour from October until December 2019. Students will have the chance to 3D Scan Athena and bring her to life with their own movements. That’s how you make her dance. Share the video on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The video with the most likes will win a flight to Germany. The Deadline is December 15, 2019 (12am, EST).

Join us at a destination near you!
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TU Darmstadt

TU Darmstadt is one of Germany’s leading Universities of Technology and it is the best place to make you move. Well known for its Department of Mechanical Engineering and its research focus on Automotive Engineering, TU Darmstadt makes you move.

Check out the Automotive Engineering Summer Germany Program:

Beyond that the Departments of Architecture, Political Science, Materials and Earth Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as Electrical Engineering are highly sought after as international students’ destination. They invite you to get on the move to the heart of Europe. 

Find out what program will make a difference in your life:
(Das ist nur vorübergehend, also bis Ende des Jahres. Der Rest der Seite ist leider nicht zu gebrauchen.)

TU Darmstadt is a very international university. With 18% of international students, Darmstadt is a small global village. 4,500 young adults from all over the world plus 40.000 local students make the city of a vibrant, safe and happy place to live.

TU Darmstadt is cherishing its history and inventing the future. TU Darmstadt is the only German university that owns a castle and an airfield. Yes, that’s right. As a former residence of German Kings and Queens, Darmstadt has to offer beautiful parks and gardens, arts and a plethora of leisure time activities to choose from. For the future, TU Darmstadt chose the research areas of Cybersecurity, Future Energy Systems, Space Science as well as New Materials amongst others to make a difference. 



Darmstadt is the City of Science. With three institutions of Higher Education and five Research Centers, the city bursts with innovative power and internationality. No wonder that the region is nationally ranked #1 in those two categories.

Darmstadt is the city where 218 languages are spoken and where the city life and university life is one and the same. North American cities might have a university, Darmstadt is a university with old buildings being as much an integral part of the campus and the latest labs and research centers.

The City of Darmstadt itself seeks for international outreach, so they just recently added San Antonio, Texas, to the family of partner cities and thus celebrate the German North American friendship on a political level.

Come visit TU Darmstadt for a short term Summer Program and indulge the history that promises you a future:


German-American Year of Friendship:# WunderbarTogether

Every year, the German Foreign Ministry choses a partner country to showcase their exchange on all possible levels: between children, young adults and eyewitnesses as well as on a political, an educational, an economical and a cultural level.

2018/19, this partner country is the USA. Under the motto of “WunderbarTogether”, Germans and Americans are invited to explore their common history and future and search for common answers to global questions.
“The Atlantic has became a bit broader”, Heiko Maas, German Foreign Minister, said at the General Opening on October 3, 2018, “so we have to build stronger bridges . We want to create opportunity for exchange between Germans and Americans. We want this unshaken friendship to be continued and to be lived.”

With the “Science moves you” Tour, TU Darmstadt wants to excite young adults for a transatlantic and global science community. That’s why its concept aims at High School and College Students in all STEAM fields. Until the end of the year, the tour will visit partner institutions in Colorado, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Arkansas, South Dakota, Texas, Illinois as well as Washington DC.

Students will be able to explore the latest technology, learn about the history and explore their own path towards an international career. Make Athena dance and win a flight to Germany. Because… yes, science moves you.