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Virtual guided tour

With a virtual guided tour, you have the possibility to guide your visitors through your institution or exhibition. This gives your visitors the opportunity to explore the premises as if they were there. At the same time, it is possible to integrate further content into the tour through points of interest (POI). This can be texts, videos, audio content, but also immersive 3D-games that convey the knowledge about your cultural institution in an interactive way.

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Space planning

Many exhibitions or showrooms are temporary. Conversions always require a high degree of planning and imagination. Using the 360° tour and the so-called point cloud, spatial changes or upcoming events can be planned completely digital and especially at the same time. Vulnerabilities in security and surveillance can also be better understood and addressed through a three-dimensional model.

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3D Shop

By integrating a store function, you have the opportunity to sell products within your tour. For example, merchandise can be placed directly on the product or services within the booking can act as an incentive for customer bookings. This creates a low-threshold access for the visitors, which, however, becomes a real experience due to the embedding in the virtual environment.

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Our Services for your cultural experience

Virtual guided tour

Take your visitors on a guided virtual tour of your institution.
Conception, scan and integration of the tour
Post processing of the content
Implementation of the required gamification

Room planning

A 3D model makes it possible to transfer a large parts of planning to the digital world.
Provision of the point cloud
Introduction in digital planning

3D Shop

An integrated web shop offers the possibility to sell products within the tour.
Provision of a shop system
Insight in your sales

CUUUB for Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz

What customers are saying about CUUUB

"Artists and technicians often live in completely different worlds. In the collaboration with CUUUB, however, it was possible to find a common language without any problems. This inspiring collaboration has resulted in a unique project that creates an attractive experience for users from a technical and artistic perspective.”

Beat Fehlmann
Artistic Director of the Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz

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