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3D Shop

Cuuub takes you into the world of three dimensions. Try it out and let yourself be convinced by this new experience.

Take your shop to another level

Standing out in today’s overflodded world of online shopping has been a challenge for shop owners of any kind. To raise customer retention, rise above the competition and present not only your products or services but your whole company in the right digital environement is the main focus and strenght of CUUUB®. Our satisfied customers and some recent study results solidify this approach.

75 % of users like 3D shopping more than 2D.
87% of users would recommend the experience.
Users stay up to 3 times longer.

Context matters

3D environments can spark interest in your customers to explore your products more thoroughly or learn more about your company. Nonetheless most 3D environments are overlooking one crucial part: context. CUUUB® creates a virtual shopping experience that is taken out of a real life context while providing all the pros of online retail. No artificial looking blank space but shopping tailored to your customers needs and expectations.

A bridge between analogue and digital
Use your own premises as online sales floor
Scanned from the real world
No out of context blank space solutions

Your store is your marketing tool

How you present your products or services online can be so much more than just one of your distribution channels. Spark long time interest and a connection to your company and products by providing an unforgettable experience. We are happy to show you all the posibilities to enhance the 3D experience for your online visitors from personalized online custormer support to the implementation of gamification and chat solutions. Your shop can become one of your key marketing tools with CUUUB®.


A solid backbone for your shop system

We understand that learning more about your customers through modern analytics is as important for your success as a solid protection of data privacy is. CUUUB® provides easy to implement shop solutions for existing shops and a fully working stand-alone-system. Our systems offer detailed analytics with new possibilities like heatmaps of customer activities whilst being fully up to national and international privacy standards. All of our servers are in Germany.

Detailed analytics tools
API or stand-alone solution
New analytic possibilities
Highest data privacy standards

CUUUB® Shop Add-Ons

Fitting Tools

CUUUB® Shops include AI fitting tools and a typefinder if added.

3D Assets

3D assets can greatly improve the customer experience.


Refine your custormer service through ticketing implementation.

Real-Time Analysis

Analyze customer movement and behaviour to improve your presentation.


Use games and gaming elements to improve customer retention.

Chat + Livestream

Hook your customers with livestreams and chats to form a lasting bond.

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What customers are saying about CUUUB

"With our 3D webshop with CUUUB, users can shop online in a real bookstore. They receive recommendations and at the same time experience the large variety of books and the special atmosphere that only real bookstores offer."

Angelika Siebrands
Director of eBuch eG

Creating a seasonal virtual bookstore.

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