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Virtual Tours

Guide and advise your customers into your brand world and product presentation.

CUUUB® is an immersive experience with a fully interactive 3D world for web devices

More dwelling time than in a conventional websites or webshops
Of the users are excitedby entering store
Recommendation rate
More sales
and bookings

Virtual highlight tour through the German Museum Munich with cuuub

Build an emotional connection with consumers through personalized experiences that create strong memories and increase brand awareness, engagement, reputation and loyalty like never before.

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Virtual Tours

CUUUB® enables the exploration of various types of spaces, such as virtual museums. All four of our specialised pointcloud-spaces benefit in different ways, be it in terms of higher turnover or knowledge distribution.

Virtual Showroom
Virtual Museum
Virtual Arena
Virtual Building
CUUUB® Products

New revenue streams

Whether it’s a 3D-tour through a shop, an exhibition, or even a workspace, it has become trendy and - more importantly - crucial in the past couple of years. Unlike a 360°-Tour, the 3D-experience allows your costumer to totally immerse in the 3D-space and allows you to analyse their movement with features such as real-time analyses. This new experience creates new revenue streams.

CUUUB® Products

Customer journeys with CUUUB®

Create exciting, immersive, data-generating and fast realized customer journeys. How? With the integration of 3D-avatars, games, videos, or a live-chat function. These features attract your consumers.

3D-avatars + assets
Live Chat
CUUUB® Products

Virtual tours

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Virtual Tours

Let CUUUB ® help you tell your unique story and entertain your visitors by showing the location of your shop, museum, company or whatever it may be on every device. Incorporate models to help visualise your product.

Lower bounce rate
Increase brand experience
Create immersive and multi-sensory customer journeys

What customers are saying about CUUUB

“Through the COVID-19 pandemic digital formats in Education have been pushed forward. However, simple video conference services fail when it comes to interaction. Starting with a naïve idea of transforming reality into interactive virtual twins, in collaboration with CUUUB we created the ibitwin. It is much closer to reality in terms of interaction and can hence enrich learning experiences from school to university..”

Marius Borger
Product Specialist Electronic Banking FK, Medial distribution Sparkasse Darmstadt

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